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Welcome to the genealogic pages of the Neu and Unfried family.
The Neu family mainly lived in the Hunsrueck which is a rural area in Southwestern Germany, not far from the city of Trier.
The Unfried family came from Silesia (now Poland) as far as I know now. Because of the distance between Poland and the part of Germany where I live, I have not researched that branch properly yet.

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This website is still under construction. I put in all my ancestors as far as I know their names, but not yet all the data concerning them. Feel free to use it, anyway, and contact me if you need any help. Many pages are not yet translated into English, though.

Please note: I don't have time enough to research for your ancestors, too, and I can't give information on people NOT listed here.

Please have a look at the list of ancestors of the Schäfer-Scherer-family and the Weber-Wagner-family, too.