Short Introduction
Each person in my family tree has a unique number which not only enables a distinction between persons who carry the same name, but gives also information about the person's position in the family tree. This number is called "PKZ" (Personenkennziffer).
As this is my family tree, I am number 1. All the other women have even numbers as PKZ, the male persons have uneven numbers.
If you want to find the father of a person, you'll just need to double the persons's PKZ. Add 1, and you have the mother's PKZ. (Example: My father is 1*2= number 2, my mother 2+1 = number 3.)
Members of the first generation are number 2 and 3 (my parents). Second generation would be number 4 to 7 (my grand-parents). Third generation would be number 8 to 15 - and so on.

I can't tell you much more - I am still struggling myself. There are much better and more competent pages than mine if you seek help. You might want to try, for example.

All the data on my pages comes out of a database. Abbreviations etc. will be in German. I hope this list of abbreviations will be of help:

* or "geb." = geboren = born
+ or "gest." = gestorben = died
~ or "get." = getauft = baptised
oo = geheiratet = married
 = begraben = buried
KB = Kirchenbuch = church book
FB = Familienbuch = Family book

PKZ is a special, unique number that each person in a family tree owns.

Schuster = shoemaker, cobbler
Schuhmacher = shoemaker, cobbler
Bäcker = baker
Ackerer, Ackermann = farmer
Ackerin, Ackermännin = female farmer
Bauer = farmer
Müller, Mühlenbauer = miller
Maurer = bricklayer
Tagelöhner, Tagearbeiter = day worker
Arbeiter = worker
Weichenwärter = pointsman, switchman
Inwohner, Stellenbesitzer = sb. who owns a house
Gärtner, Freigärtner = gardener
Viehhierte, Hirte = herdsman
Magd, Dienstmagd = maiden, farmgirl
Knecht = farmhand
Holzhauer = woodchopper
Töpferer = potter
Wagner = s.o. who builds vehicles drawn by horses
Weber = weaver
Steuer-Executor = tax collector
Schultheiß = someone who takes care of communal affairs
Gerichtsschöffe, Schöffe = juror
Kirchencensor, Censor = (church) censor (guardian of morals)
Wollweber, Leinenweber, Strumpfweber = weaver using special material (wool, linnen) or producing special things (stockings)
Schulmeister, Lehrer = school teacher